Monday, April 25, 2011

Trainers, Go!

Okay guys! Only a few hours left to vote on the poll!
So, only 4 votes here? Just a tie between More Zombies and drawings?
Or is that just a little bit of everything?
Well. Today we have more trainer pics.
The Question today is:
What is your favorite Starter Pokemon?
What starter would you want to have in real life?

-Okay. I have to say that my favorite starter has to be Cindniquil. I love him and his family line. Quilava is awesome and out of Water/Grass/Fire type, Id want Fire.
-But in real life I would want a starter that is not just "cool." I guess that I might have to say that I would want Either Bulbasaur or Charmander. Bulbasaur evolves into a big, earth controlling, plant friend. Venasaur can carry you, grow plants for you, lift you to high places, build you a plant home, I mean thats pretty much all you need. You've go a single Pokemon that can provide shelter, food and friendship.
The only reason I'd like a Charmander is because, I prefer Fire type and He evolves into Charizard. A Flying dragon with a loyal attitude that can take you anywhere and protect you. I think I'd have more fun with a Charmander.
So... my finally ruling on this is-
If an Ivysaur (Not Venasaur-too slow moving and big) can grow plants like a Venasaur can then I'd choose Bulbasaur over Charmander. But if I did not know for sure I would go with the safe bet of Charmander.


Zombie said...

I wanna be a haunter trainer!

Jessica Thompson said...

I definitely want some kind of ghost pokemon! Following and supporting.

aurora8darkangl said...

Hmmm...I loved Charmander as my starter. It was my first pokemon and was the best I had ever had!

biboa said...

i feel so cozy everytime i read a rant about pokemon :)