Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pokemon and their Trainers

Today's post is about Pokemon and their Trainers.

If you could in your every day life, What One Pokemon would you want as your partner?
I think it's a hard decision. Just one Pokemon.
I think mine would be Dragonair. Well, A Dratini anyway that eventually evolves into a Dragonair.
It might be one of my most favorites.
And In real life, they can fly, small enough to fit in your room, kinda soft I would imagine, Cute, and Powerful.
I wouldn't just want a Pokemon that is cute, or that can only fight but not be all that fun to be with.
I'm picky in my partner.

As you might have noticed, maybe you havn't, My pictures are kind of organized in alphabetical order. So since I am on the letter C so far, you can bet I have more left to surprise you all with.

So? Who would you have?


KB said...

I would have to say either a Haunter or Gengar. I'm leaning towards Haunter, since it can fly :)

Zombie said...

Charizard for sure!

SirJohnBear said...

Do you know who drew these? They really are awesome.

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalid said...

like the pics :)