Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friend Code

Okay everybody, I think here would be a good place to put up your Friend Codes for others to see and find.
So, for me White Version, FC:  1850 1441 1285

What is really sad is that I have never used a friend code and I still do not know how.
Ive looked it up and im still confused.
My white Version says that I can trade and battle with friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
What is the difference between trading/battling with a friend rather than a random person on the Wi-Fi?
Does it help you find your friend?
I really should know how all of this works...
But I currently don't have Wi-Fi connection. I can only connect about once every 2months or so. So I havn't had all that much time to test it out for myself.

So guys, Friend codes?


Zombie said...

If I had a pokemon game I would post my friend code.

gangsignslol said...

I'm getting mine soon, ill make sure i post.

SirJohnBear said...

My friend code is 5286-0969-9262, hit me up!

Anonymous said...

Dude pokemon is awesome. Especially WiFi.

Kiso said...

i don't have the code