Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Do You All Want?

What do you all want from this blog?
I know that I need to be working on the Zombie Survival, but it is just time consuming and It makes me feel lazy when I need to do it.
So, if other than Zombies, what would you like to see from the blog?
I have lots of photos. And I enjoy playing and drawing pokemon.
So, any Ideas?

My drawings

I know that they aren't that great, it's fan art.

I do have some more Comics

But i am running a little low on comic supply.

Currently I am playing through Pokemon Black Version. But if you guys like games I do have almost all of my old pokemon games.
I have-
-Fire Red
-Leaf Green
-Puzzle Challenge
-Battle Revolution

My brother has his,

And ive lost alot over the years.
I remember loving my Blue Rescue Team and Ranger was good too.

What do you guys want?
How can i help?

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Zombie said...

MOAR zombie survival tips!!! :D