Friday, May 6, 2011

Draw Time

Okay. Looks like one of the things you guys like are my Poke Drawings.
Here is the plan!
I Need your Comments!
I will Read the comments and Decide from those what I should draw. Give me about a week or so depending on the difficulty and how many ideas for drawings I get to choose from. I will post them up and you guys comment.
If someone posts a comment that you like for me to draw, Vote on it or rate it.
If you do, it will help me to know what you guys want most.

We will see how this process works, and if I need to change it I will.
I say that I may need a week or so because I am still in school and have other things to do. In a few weeks I should have more time and will be able to draw more for you guys if you like my work!

So, here are some drawings!


Elektabuzz teaching Elekid Thunder Punch

Typhlosion snickering

Typhlosion Crying

Victerybell eating Pikachu

The Victortbell (I don't know how to spell His name) has to be one of my favorites. It took me a while to do, but I think it was worth the time. I did it as a request, I do not have anything against Pikachu or anything.

So, Give me a comment and Ideas!
Do it Do it Do it!
Thanks Guys


Zombie said...

Why is pikachu in there and not James? lol.

Zombie said...

You have been nominated for the Zomtastic Blogger Award by yours truely! Stop by my page and check it out!

aurora8darkangl said...

honestly I think the victory bell and pikachu one id freaking sweet! I love it!

Lately I have been on my old school pokemone craze! lol I almost want to play red and blue all over again. lol

Moobeat said...

the fire ones rule