Monday, April 25, 2011

Trainers, Go!

Okay guys! Only a few hours left to vote on the poll!
So, only 4 votes here? Just a tie between More Zombies and drawings?
Or is that just a little bit of everything?
Well. Today we have more trainer pics.
The Question today is:
What is your favorite Starter Pokemon?
What starter would you want to have in real life?

-Okay. I have to say that my favorite starter has to be Cindniquil. I love him and his family line. Quilava is awesome and out of Water/Grass/Fire type, Id want Fire.
-But in real life I would want a starter that is not just "cool." I guess that I might have to say that I would want Either Bulbasaur or Charmander. Bulbasaur evolves into a big, earth controlling, plant friend. Venasaur can carry you, grow plants for you, lift you to high places, build you a plant home, I mean thats pretty much all you need. You've go a single Pokemon that can provide shelter, food and friendship.
The only reason I'd like a Charmander is because, I prefer Fire type and He evolves into Charizard. A Flying dragon with a loyal attitude that can take you anywhere and protect you. I think I'd have more fun with a Charmander.
So... my finally ruling on this is-
If an Ivysaur (Not Venasaur-too slow moving and big) can grow plants like a Venasaur can then I'd choose Bulbasaur over Charmander. But if I did not know for sure I would go with the safe bet of Charmander.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Now?

Alright everyone! If you havn't already noticed, I have a poll up for you all to vote on.
Theres only 2 days left to vote and only one vote sofar. I want to know how I can make this blog good for you guys! I did have planned (And Still Do...Just Eventually...) to go through every pokemon and rate them on their Zombie Survival Ability.
I love the idea and rating them, It just takes time and effort and while I am still in school I don't feel like doing It. It feels like homework, honestly. And so Ive been lazy. But once I am out (In just a month or two) I plan to get back on track and blow you guys away, I hope.

Until Then, Vote on the poll or leave a comment please! What can I do to please you all until then?
Drawings? Comics (I do Not have an unlimited amount though)? Game talk? Something?

For today! We shall have more Comics! Because you guys love em' as much as I do I believe.

(click on image to enlarge)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Do You All Want?

What do you all want from this blog?
I know that I need to be working on the Zombie Survival, but it is just time consuming and It makes me feel lazy when I need to do it.
So, if other than Zombies, what would you like to see from the blog?
I have lots of photos. And I enjoy playing and drawing pokemon.
So, any Ideas?

My drawings

I know that they aren't that great, it's fan art.

I do have some more Comics

But i am running a little low on comic supply.

Currently I am playing through Pokemon Black Version. But if you guys like games I do have almost all of my old pokemon games.
I have-
-Fire Red
-Leaf Green
-Puzzle Challenge
-Battle Revolution

My brother has his,

And ive lost alot over the years.
I remember loving my Blue Rescue Team and Ranger was good too.

What do you guys want?
How can i help?