Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pokemon Black/White Version

Well, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White was finally released today!

I ordered my Pokemon White version about 2 months ago,
Off Of Amazon.Com-Dang them.
I still won't be getting my game until the 14th-17th!
People will have already beaten the game by then!
But oh well, I did it to save money.
If you pre-ordered from gamestop they charge you 5 bucks, and then you still have to go to the store and pick the game up.
Those are luxuriates that I don't get,
I don't have money to spend extra and don't have a car at the moment.
So, Amazon unfortunately was my best bet.

Well, your choices are between a grass snake, a fat pip and an otter thing.
I plan on choosing Snivy as my starter.
I usually don't choose the grass starter, unless its treeko.
(Have you noticed that Snivy and Treeko look so much alike? Or is that just me?)
I usually go with the fire starter, but I'm a bit impartial to pigs. Nothing against them, but really.

Lets talk about the legendaries, Shall we?

Resheram(Black Version) and Zekrom(White Version)

Resheram is the Black Version Legendary which is a Dragon/Fire type pokemon.
Zekrom is the White Version Legendary which is a Dragon/Electric type pokemon.
Also, Make sure that you understand that the one colored WHITE (Resheram) is the black version legendary and the one colored BLACK (Zekrom) is the white version legendary. I was confused originally.
I have always been partial to Electric types over any other type.
And if you ask me, Zekrom has a better name(not by much though) and looks cooler.
But those are just opinions.

Like in all 2 version released pokemon games, there are certain pokemon that you can only naturally catch in one game that you are unable to catch in the other.

One interesting Addition to the game is the Dream World which sounds like it will be a small hassle at first but fairly fun. If you feel like knowing about it, click the link.

Since I ordered and am going to get the game before March, I will be able to get the pokemon Victiny (I think thats the name) "The Victory Pokemon"

And How about The Characters?

Well, They actually look alright. I mean, me being a girl, I like this female character better than the past ones in Diamond and later. Still, I'd very much like it if they could maybey give the girl a different color other than Pink. Give her red and the boy blue! What ever. I just don't like pink. Other than that, characters look good to me.

I'm excited, but,

The Pokemon...
They look horrible and like they spent no time or effort on making them.
So, I have to say that this looks like it shall be the Worst generation ever, if you ask me.

Look at a few of these things!!

What have you done?
Oh. I know what they have done. Made how many millions in games and merchandise and a new season of pokemon shows. And completely turned me off. Although, I must admit they did get me into buying yet another pokemon game, and I honestly doubt that this will be my last...
Im ashamed.

I bought the game but don't have it yet,
Snivy looks cool,
Legendaries are Ehh, okay,
Characters look good,
Pokemon completely FAIL.
And I am Ashamed.

Thanks for your time Trainers!


Adventure Person said...

You can always go back to Yellow if you don't like Black/White. Hopefully it's good though!

ryanthedirtpoorblogger said...

I loved my old Red more than anything.

anoodle said...

I never played anything but Red and Blue.

FrenchNeo said...

I want to play it so bad.
Already the game, waiting one weeks to the end of my exams.
Then, it will be pokéfiesta !