Wednesday, March 16, 2011

General Blog Thoughts

Okay, Guys and Girls. I'm just posting general thoughts about the blog sofar.
>>About my grading-I grade by basing the particular Pokemon's abilities to that of a Magikarp (an F or an F- (I'm still not sure if i will give F- or not)) And Mew (an A+).
Magikarp I think is generation One's for sure fail Pokemon, and Mew is Generation One's for sure Master. But that is because I needed a general scale on how to rate them, so that's what I came up with.
>>How they get graded-on 3 basic things.
1) Ability to defend/kill Zombies
2) Ability to travel with its Trainer/speed/flight/teleport
3) Ability to Provide/shelter/food/etc.

A Pokemon is no good if it can't kill or travel fast. If a Pokemon can provide for its Trainer that is a bonus, but still does not make up for a fail in first two abilities. It can be pretty hard most of the time to make and rate these Pokemon in my Zombie format.

So help me out here, what do you think are the best 2 Generation one Pokemon to scale my ratings on?
_______ = F- (Magikarp)
_______ = A+ (Mew)

What are your thoughts on the blog? Any ideas to make it better?

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