Wednesday, March 2, 2011

013 Weedle

Hey there Friends and Followers.
Ive been working on these for a while now, well, not that long. What do you all think so far?
If you have any questions about my posts, check my very first post and then check back.
If you still have a question, leave a comment.
Il see if I can answer or leave a reason for what it is.
Thanks every one, blogs are team work and i'm here to help you out as you help me.
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Tyler Hesford said...

Yeah i can actually see string shot coming in handy during the zombie apocalypse.. imagine an army of weedles string shotting an undead horde.. epic.

Harvenger said...

definitely a terrible zombie fighter.

Jung said...

Is weedle's horn actually suppose to do anything?

LunaSihne said...

Weedle's "horn" or points on both its tail and head are extremely sharp and pointed. The point is about 2 inches long and inject poison into its foes. So, its a good idea to be on the good side of a Weedle.