Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comic Day!

I am making these posts because they are simple and interesting for me to do, although I am not sure about how my Followers feel about it. I know they aren't Zombie survival, but I do plan on getting back on track with those eventually. They are just tiring and hard to do when I have other things to be doing too. So I apologize. I know that isn't what you want. So I only hope this can make up for it a little bit.

I know that they are small, So if you click them you should be able to read them. Just thought Id mention that for those who don't understand simple things.

Comics Day!

Who Sends a Gravler out against a Gayrados?

Brock's Rules, Bro, Bubble Just Ain't Right

Damn Small Trees. Damn Them.

Hehe. Funny? Yes? I know you smiled at least 2 of them.
Ive got alot more, so if you guys like, I can have another Comic Day again soon!


Michael Offutt said...

LOL where do you find these gems?

Zombie said...

How I love Pokemon comics!! :D

Anonymous said...

I approve of this post.

The Wired said...

LOL I loved and agree with the onyx and squirtle one!

John A.S. said...

cool comics here! :D

Staravia said...

Never use a rock pokemon in a water area their weak to water types