Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Posting Here #1

Hey there, guys and girls.
First off, I have to apologize for I have not kept up with my last few posts..
Ive slacked off a bit since I felt a bit overwhelmed with keeping up with the blog, and now that I have my Pokemon WHITE Version! Ive been playing the shiz out of it. Beat the elite 4 yesterday along with N and got myself my Zekrom. Man....
Good and bad reviews on the game from myself. But anyway, I thought maybe I could make up for some of my late posts by lending you all some awesome photos of Pokemon I have. I have myself a great big folder of my Pokemon pictures and I wish to get some use out of them. So, maybe I can share them with you all!
Lets get started here.

*-I just want to mention once again that none of these pictures were created or drawn by me and I take no copyright or ownership over any. These are all created my someone else, I just appreciate their art and their contribution whether they know it or not that they helped me. Thanks guys.-*

     I am also sorry that this post looks a bit sloppy, I had a hard time putting up the pictures. Click them and look at them if you like. They are some of my favorites. Next post will be more than just starters if you guys like the pictures.
(These last two are mine. Fell free to laugh,)


consuela bananahammoc said...

Nice post :)

Zombie said...

I needs to get me a DS so I can play black or white! :D

John A.S. said...

gonna buy a nintendo 3ds asap!