Friday, May 27, 2011

Abra Kadabra, Alakazam!

Okay guys, I am a bit busy this week and I may be for a while longer.
But, Since in the poll Alakazam won, I have been drawing and doodling when ever I got the chance, so here we are!
Alakazam was voted the best Zombie Survival Pokemon (Out of the given handful of pokes)!
So, between Tyranitar, Absol, Alakazam, Arcanine, Magmar, Nidoking, Kingler, Luxray, and Magikarp,
Magikarp with one vote,
Magmar with one vote,
And Alakazam with a WHOPPING 2 VOTES Wins!

So, as I promised, I shall tell you a few things about the Pokemon that you may not have Know, and show you all some pictures I have, Or have drawn, of the winner.

Alakazam Starts out as Abra

Then, Abra Evolves into, Kadabra

And Finally Evolves Into Alakazam-When Traded

Alakazam is 4'11 and weights 105.8Lbs, being a a ratio of 75% being male with 25% being female.

"It is said that Alakazam is known to have mastered every type and form of psychic ability, including, but not limited to: telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, psionic abilities, levitation, defensive techniques, mind control, and telekinetic blasts. Alakazam are said to have excellent memory and can remember everything that it has experiencedupon hatching as an Abra, and has an IQ that exceeds 5,000, making it the most intelligent non-legendary Pokémon. Upon possessing amazing psychic skills and knowledge, Alakazam is proficient with the use of the elemental punches, giving it the ability to cause serious damage to any foe that resist its psychic moves. Although Alakazam is quite fragile and prefers to use its psychic abilities for movement and battle, it is quite capable of learning a broad range of fighting moves. As a fully evolved Pokémon, Alakazam is capable of using the moves Hyper Beam and Giga Impact. Alakazam, and its pre-evolution, Kadabra, are the only known Pokémonthat learn Kinesis."
(Thank you Bulbapedia)

He always has his two spoons, one in each hand, and it is said that the spoons increase his physic ability. His brain can out preform a super computer and it is said that his IQ is over nine thousand!!!---Excuse me, His IQ is said to be over 5,000. Not 9,000.
By that standard, that makes Alakazam the smartest Pokemon known to exist, Not including Legendary Pokemon.

For those who Don't know, to get an Alakazam in the Pokemon games, you must trade a Kadabra. Also, Its weaknesses are Bug, Dark and Ghost.
Its finally attack that it naturally learns is Trick and he learns this move at level 52.
His body is so weak, but his mind is so powerful that he uses his physic abilities to move his body, not using any muscle at all.

These, I drew this week. Some I made on the computer with my drawing tablet, and some I doodled by hand on paper and took a picture of with my camera phone-it has a bad camera.

Version One
Version Two-Fork was originally too small...
Alakazam can do anything

Who Doesn't love cake?

So Guys!
I may be a bit busy for a while, but I will create another post soon with a new poll, and you can vote. Maybe a draw vote-So you vote on what Pokemon you want me to draw or.... I don't really know. Maybe my drawings arn't even that great. So give me some Ideas here!
Thank and have an awesome day everyone!


Zombie said...

Little known fact: Alakazam loves cake!! lol.

Minecraftblogger said...

Damn, these are sweet!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't u do the gijinka for Alakazam ? If u dont know wat is gijinka it's the poke human version of alakazam please do it i really wannnna seee

selected case said...