Friday, June 3, 2011

So, How are you all?

I have been a little busy and things are moving along, making it a bit hard to keep posting often enough.
I shall keep up with what I can though!

So, How Are My Followers Doing??
Tell me about your day and what you have going on.

Anyway, These are more of my drawings. I did a few that some people asked of me.

I thought that they were okay. Not my best. I just can't sit for too long with out a break, and so since these needed to be done with in a time limit I couldn't take breaks in between.

But this, I even saved different steps. This I spent a few hours over a few days doing.

Version One

Version Two

Version Three
Final Product

If you want me to draw you something, Leave a comment!
I am always looking for something to draw for others.


D4 said...

Oooo you're talented, I like how the steps ended up. I wish I dedicated as much time as that.

Have youuu thought of submitting to Rorschach Redemption? Inkblots visualized and stuff, I got a couple followers from it myself.


Great pictures!

Zombie said...

Really like the final product!!

fabio_2007 said...

they look great