Friday, February 18, 2011

Pokemon Zombie Survival

These posts are about Each Pokemon and how I think that Pokemon would fair with its Trainer in a Zombie Apocalyptic World.
Once a day, I will go through the Pokedex starting at #001(Bulbasaur) and move on to the next and the next, making an image for each and a display of how they can be helpful in the Zombie world and how they would be a disadvantage to having them.
My assumptions are that most Pokemon can become zombies when bitten or infected, and that a trainer does not have or use a Pokeball.
The Pokemon receives my grade depending on its abilities to protect the trainer and itself, provide for them both (such as food and shelter), its ability to attack and get rid of Zombies, and anything else I feel needs to be determined.
Anything else, such as Pokemon that work together well in a team is put under the Extra section.
An example of Pokemon that could work together well would be a Scyther, Kabutops and Sandslash.
(Any and all photos I post are not created or owned by me and I do not take credit for them unless otherwise stated)

I plan on posting every day until I have finished through the Gen5 Pokemon, ending on number 649.
This is going to be a while...
So I need to get started today!
Please, leave comments on any questions or comments.

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