Friday, February 25, 2011

008 Wartortle

I have changed my mind once again since my post on Ivysaur. I'm aloud to change my mind, so shut your mouth. Basically, I had said that I would not use TM/HM's because I wanted to keep the move sets accurate and legit to how they would be in real life. But now I have decided that if I was to not use a TM here and there that the move sets would be repeated over and over again. And this would be boring and repetitive. Every electric Pokemon ever would probably have just the same moves.
From now on I will throw a TM in there to change it up a bit and not make things too boring.
What you think?
If you think otherwise, let me know (and give me a reason to change my mind).


Dr. Goodsex said...

Squirtle wins the best pokemon award. For sure. :P

Rolo said...

Are you gonna keep doing this past the original 151? I really look forward to that.

LunaSihne said...

Well, if you read my very first blog post it says that I'm going to continue all the way through Gen 5 Pokemon. Up to number 546 or something around there. So, yes. I will get all the way to Garitina. And further.
I hope you stay to see that long!