Thursday, July 7, 2011

To Make you think...Pokemon MindFu**

I have been gone a while now
And I feel bad for being gone so long!
Here is some Pokemon Mind Fu** for you to ponder.

Can you spot it? (Answers at the end of post)

There are a few thing in this picture that could make you think.

 You should click on this one to see the full thing, its a wallpaper size.

Click to read full image

Click to read

If you can figure this out...

Just funny

Click to see it

Just because
This is for those who know what this is, I could not find the explanation for this picture, and It is too long for me to try and explain.

Answer to First When You See It:
There are two pikachus, One on ash's shoulder and one next to Brock's leg.

Answer to second Picture:
There is no correct answer that I know of, but there is a woman standing on top of the bushes in the back,
Team rocket is sitting at the table,
And some say that you can see Lugia in the blue orb.

I Hope all of you have a great week!


Zombie said...

The first one made me LOL!!

NagNum said...

Lol! Really awesome thanks for posting. Check out my blog :).

my day in a sentence said...

Ugh. I don't get the first one. O_o'
Following and supporting! :)

SamArmy said...

Awesome! ahha didnt notice it at all +following

TheSolx said...

First: LOL! May not be so find%!"& though... There are many Pikachus out there :3

Second: I saw the first 2, and when you mention it, I can see Lugia too :D

The rest: Woooooot! Some of it kinda makes sense too D: